ENVY Products: I am a stay at home mom of two young boys and wanted to share how ENVY Organics has been helping our family ever since my children were babies. Both of my boys had cradle-cap also known as a type of baby dandruff as babies and despite our every effort to clear it […]


Jenny, I have heard that you are not supposed to leave the ENVY Sunscreen in the heat for extended periods of time, but can you tell me if it is safe to keep the bottle in your beach bag during a day at the beach? Jessica – Melbourne, FL Jessica, With summer coming soon, this […]


Entrepreneur vs Owner By: Jeff Piersall Wilson Harrell wrote a wonderful book titled, “For Entrepreneurs Only,” in which he did an excellent job of describing the world of entrepreneurship.  I strongly recommend this book for anyone pursuing the opportunities of an entrepreneur.  In understanding the characteristics between a “business owner” and an “entrepreneur” – and […]


The Power of Choice By: Jeff Piersall “Our greatest power is the power to choose.  We can decide where we are, what we do, and what we think.” Only prisoners lose their ability to choose where they are and what they will do. Unethical actions caused the prisoner to lose those freedoms to choose; but […]