ENVY Products: My name is Sarah and my sister and I own a Salon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I was introduced to ENVY Organics by Christy Sakonyi. Christy has been a client of mine for about eight years and we have grown to become great friends. She introduced me to ENVY when she found out about my […]


Jenny, I have a customer whose child has cystic acne. The most severe area affected is the back. What would you advise to help with this? Ann – Cocoa Beach, FL Ann, What a challenge this type of condition can be for a child and especially for teenagers! I’m so glad that you decided to […]


Entrepreneur vs Owner By: Jeff Piersall Wilson Harrell wrote a wonderful book titled, “For Entrepreneurs Only,” in which he did an excellent job of describing the world of entrepreneurship.  I strongly recommend this book for anyone pursuing the opportunities of an entrepreneur.  In understanding the characteristics between a “business owner” and an “entrepreneur” – and […]


The Power of Choice By: Jeff Piersall “Our greatest power is the power to choose.  We can decide where we are, what we do, and what we think.” Only prisoners lose their ability to choose where they are and what they will do. Unethical actions caused the prisoner to lose those freedoms to choose; but […]